Poetic New Yearness

I am planning to stat submitting more poetry, I had a good success rate last year but I also submitted only a few pieces and I want to up that. I decided once before that I was bored with submitting so stopped and started this blog but I feel ready to start again. The issue I had was trying to keep tabs on who had what copy right and so on and also I simply was not producing the volume of poetry I am these days – this can be seen as a good and a bad thing!

So that is number one.

Number two is sorting this blog out – it’s been spam attacked, I have posts that have never gone live from events and things which I will back blog and so on…

Number three is to sort out my own poetry collections. These currently stand at:

Ballads of the Scientifica

Turquoise Monsters Poetry Collection

The Doomsday Collection

The Political Converse

Without and Within


The Little Books of Poetry – of which the main focus will be:

1) The Little Book of Festive Poetry

2) The Little Book of Spoogy Poetry

3) The Little Book of Easter Poetry

Apart from this lot I am going to be attempting to do more performances and attending workshops and things by various local groups.

Posted: Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013 @ 3:04 pm
Categories: Monster Blogs, Poetry, Submitting, Writing, Writing Challenges.
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