The Daft Cat

Well, we had a little meet up with Green Monster – who really was in a bit of a state – and what happened? Blue Monster tried to gate crash. He’s already scared Green and thought he could make things better by insisting on coming to Green’s ‘party’. We spent ages trying to explain it wasn’t a party whilst Green barricaded himself in the toilet (right up until he remembered Yellow’s story, that is).

Still, Green Monster is now at least leaving the house once more, so if we could just stop Blue from trying to appologise to him all should be well once more; although Blue has insulted me yet again with insinuations that I have a Temper.


Anyway, putting monster relations on hold there for a minute, this week I want you to spend 20 minutes writing about a pet you either have or have had in a way that portrays their character.

The Daft Cat

Minnie the cat was a daft old thing. She pretended to be the grouchiest, meanest “DONT COME NEAR ME” cat in the whole farm, and there were a lot of cats, at least five though sometimes visiting cats would lurk taking the number up to seven. But Minnie was really as soft as butter and when the little Black and White kittens who were – she professed – the bane of her life pounced on the end of her tail, which was flicking in annoyance over their distracting little mews whilst she was watching the birds on the windowsill – she was secretly pleased.

She duffed them up anyway, and then went out and caught them a mouse.

The kittens loved Minnie and were always trying to snuggle up with her – oh, she wasn’t their mother, but then their mother had been a neglected cat and had taken it out on them so Minnie was an angel in comparison. Plus she bought them mice.

Minnie often chased them off and, once she was sure they knew who was boss, she would let them snuggle up to her – it was just for the warmth, you understand; it had nothing to do with little cute noises and fluffy fur.

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