The Little Damsel Fly

Well, Green Monster has gotten himself into a bit of a state, and misunderstood my piece last week where I was using green eyes on my monster as a written symbol for jealousy without actually using the word, praying on old wives tales. Still, I spoke to him and he has agreed to let me and Yellow Monster come round for some tortilla chips, guacamole and lime-aid.

This week I thought we could all go and examine some piece of nature outside and write a poem on it.

The Little Damsel Fly

Zoom zoom went the little damsel fly

zoom zoom across the waters of the pond

zipping and zapping and whizzing and wozzing

back and forth and back again

Zoom zoom went the little damsel fly

through the water lilies and over the pond

skimming and skirting around the plants

back and forth and back again

zoom zoom went the little damsel fly

until the large trout with the wallowing eyes

aspied their whizzing and whirling

and thought that a dinner of it should be made

Snap snap went the large trout’s jaws

upon the little damsel fly

and the little damsel fly was no more

Posted: Tuesday, April 7th, 2009 @ 12:06 pm
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