Oh dear poor Green Monster has been scared by Blue Monster trying to be nice – I’m attemtping not to roll my eyes in despair at the Monster condition. I have this horrible feeling that I am going to have to intervene; after all, Green is my friend and, I encouraged him to get a blog.

Interestingly though, this whole episode seems to have inspired the writing bug in us all, so to keep with the emotive theme this week I want you all to write about jealousy.


A coiled monster sleeps within

a dragon

tamed and wild

it sleeps now in the home of the Id

peaceful and serene

When awake

it has jewel green eyes

a blade sharp tongue

and acrid breath

that may melt resolve

This is the fear

the nightmare from within

it sleeps now

but not for long

and you cannot run

it stirs at your thoughts


Posted: Tuesday, March 31st, 2009 @ 8:54 pm
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