Blue Monster, I am pleased to say, has been very nice to the Green Monster and talked him into blogging his lovely reviews. However this whole sorry issue could have been avoided if Blue wasn’t so self-centred and arrogant in the first place.

Anyway this week I want you to write the opening of a teenage romance, something along the lines of Point Romance.


Lucy put down the phone and looked at her reflection, she sighed, as always she had a smattering of red sore looking spots, oh well. Justin had still asked her out and would be picking her up about seven. It was now five and she hadn’t even showered. She hurriedly rushed off to the bathroom to become presentable. Her stomach gave a flip as she thought about it. A first date! Was it even a date?

What actually counted as a date? Never mind, she thought, it’s still something. Should she wear lipstick? Should she wear a dress or jeans? So many things to think about. She had never considered that meeting up with someone she saw every day at school could be so hard.

She sighed and opened her wardrobe door.

Posted: Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009 @ 10:07 pm
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