The Rent

Blue Monster is being so annoyingly small minded. I am beginning to be embarrassed about calling myself a Gurgitation Monster. He is not showing Revue Monsters any respect and this saddens me deeply. Green is lovely and is also very shy about coming on to the web and with the way Blue is behaving. Who can blame him? 🙁

I do hope Blue calms down a bit. He did for Yellow Monster I see no reason why he shouldn’t for Green.

This week, think about cracks and fissures and where they would be least expected.

The Rent

The spire rose high into the cloudless sky. This was a dagger puncturing the vault of the heavens and sometimes on stormy nights you could see the life blood of the universe bleed in, trickling both down and up the spire.

This was the gateway but as of yet no-one knew – no-one saw the rent that sucked the joy from the world.

But soon they would.

Posted: Tuesday, January 13th, 2009 @ 9:03 pm
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