I am glade that Blue has cheered up but I personally think he is wrong about other monsters and I have been encouraging my friend Green Monster to write his revues on a blog but he is worried no one will like his stuff. 🙁

Ok this week I want you all to write the opening to a sci-fi milita piece, this means action, gore and of course some sort of science or technology element to it. Well what are you waiting for? And I don’t want any one saying they don’t do sci-fi. It is always a good idea to try something new as it will give you ideas and feedback into what you are planning to write.

Oh and ‘militia’ means in a military/war novel style, for the uninitiated.


It was the sound that pierced Melanie to the bone; that liquefied her brain and made red gloop run from her nose. She never knew that it was a new piece of military grade tech, nor that she was the first casualty of a global war.

But if she had she would have been happy – in the end the first to go were the lucky ones and the saviours?

Hell can take many forms.

Posted: Tuesday, January 6th, 2009 @ 10:15 am
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