Odd Socks

Oh dear poor blue really has got the mizogs but Yellow and I were not taking the mickey out of him, no, far from it, we do like him and his writing it’s just he sort of was being mean to Yellow.

Still, monster politics aside lets look at today’s writing exercise. We all know the horror of odd socks so write about it for 20 minutes. It’s random but I think you’ll be surprised by what you come up with – I was. Try to make it a complete story in itself i.e. beginning, middle and end.

Odd Socks

One day the purple socks with yellow polka dots were separated by a cruel twist of fate – namely the washing. Left was left upon its own and Right was abandoned in the student halls of residences washing room where it promptly fell down behind the dryer.

A similar fate had occurred to a green and pink striped pair. As a solution to the odd sock dilemma the student decided to mix and match and thus Left met Right and Right met left and they were happy, though they felt their relationship was a bit unbalanced and longed to be a four instead of a two. 

Fortunately for them the tumble dryer broke down and an engineer was called who pulled the machine out and rescued the lost socks. He was just draping them on the back of the ‘washing waiting to be done’ chairs when the student walked in.

Ecstatic to find her missing socks she thanked the engineer for them with a kiss and coffee and later the socks mingled in a draw just above the t-shirts.

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