Shiny Shoes

I think Blue Monster may be a little delusional this week but we love him anyway. 🙂 I hope this means we are all going to be friends again?

Today we are going to write for 5 minutes about shoes.

Shiny Shoes

I saw some shiny shoes and oh how I wanted them

They were sleek and smooth

Perfect in gloss red

Bright and vibrant

Like plastic moulded to the most delicate of shapes

A spiky heel that would stick in

And a little bow on top

They were of the cartoon

Glossed female variety

And I coveted them

But I did not buy them

They were more than my food bill

For six months

They call to me still sometimes when I sleep

Someday maybe


That day I will wear them and sing and dance

I will crease them and scuff them

I will wear them out

And I will have joy from them

Posted: Tuesday, December 23rd, 2008 @ 10:38 am
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