There is an Old Man…

Yellow Monster is doing really well with his writings despite Blue’s unwarranted animosity. Go Yellow!

This week spend five minutes writing about coat hangers.

There is an old man whose wife thinks him insane and paranoid. He is scared of video players and cannot grasp the concept of MP3s but what he most fears are coat hangers, especially the old metal kind that are actually useful to the arts and craft community – not to mention the budding engineer.

These, he insists, lurk for him in the most obscure of places – waiting for his unsuspecting form to open a cupboard or walk through the hallway to the stairs. Then they leap upon him, entangling and snaring him often ripping clothing and leaving bruises.

His wife thinks he’s paranoid but the truth is that the coat hangers are out to get him. They have been baying for his blood ever since he was eight years of age when he cut one of them up to act as supports for a model plane he had stuffed with homemade explosives. Coat hangers have very long memories.

Posted: Tuesday, December 16th, 2008 @ 10:09 am
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