The Teapot

I am so ecstatic my friend Yellow is coming on the net too. 🙂 He is a Regurgitation Monster rather than a Gurgitation Monster like me and Blue, meaning that a lot of his material is from true life!

This will be interesting – of course it’s all highly dramatised.

Anyway, this week I thought we could write something from an object’s point of view.

The Teapot

I spend most of my time sitting in a cupboard, in the dark surrounded by other ceramic objects but I am more spherical, whereas they are more cylindrical. They are open at the top whereas I have a hat that sits upon the opening in the top of me. I have a handle like them but I also have a long hollow appendage that is separated from my inner cavity by a holey partition.

Sometimes I am taken out of the cupboard and have dried shrivelled broken up leaves placed in me – sometimes loose and sometimes in little perforated paper bags. Then through the opening in my top boiling water is poured, swirling the leaves and turning the liquid in my inners to a staining brown.

A brightly coloured knitted bag with two small slits for my appendage and handle is then generally shoved over me and I swelter in the heat. I am then picked up by my handle and made to spew scolding brown fluid through my frontal appendage.

I hate being a teapot.

Posted: Tuesday, November 18th, 2008 @ 10:43 am
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