The Red Glittery Shoes

Today’s topic is glitter!

The Red Glittery Shoes

I saw my true desire

In a film

When I was small

A pair of shoes

Red and glitter

Sparkling red

And glistening bright

Magic shoes were they

And followed the dance

But the shoes where nowhere

Nowhere to be found

Until my twenty third birthday

There they lay

In the bargain bucket

Glittery red shoes

Ten pounds with heels to boot

I wear them now

And click my heels

My red shoes

I shall dance in other realms


Red glittery shoes

My dream comes true

Ok ok I know but remember this really is just response writing and we monsters just gurgitate the stories and poems and prose and don’t really think about the later stages such as editing – but obviously things need editing.

Posted: Tuesday, November 11th, 2008 @ 10:41 am
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