I watched the film Prometheus last night for the first time and it made me want to re-write the script so that it gelled more with the archeology of the predator verses alien story and to make the science and social aspects work.

I loved the visuals of the film and was quiet happy to watch it to the end and am excited to here there will be more of them but please let the science be better!

In general I am finding that people do not know who to ask let alone what to ask with scifiction writing – I think science communication could greatly be improved by having some sort of way for writers to easily contact experts or generic scientists. I know a few mailing lists have been started along these lines but haven’t heard anything for awhile.

On top of this I read an article saying that writers didn’t need to know science to write science fiction as it could focus on the social stuff etc… well the thing is the world still has to hold together and yes you can just have the ‘science fiction’ as back ground but you should still understand at least the basic – and I mean the basics – the concepts at the very least. For writers it is the concepts that matter.

I wonder what would be said if historical novelists were told they didn’t need to know anything about the time period their novel is set in?

Anyway I have been using a policy of don’t moan about something you aren’t going to do anything about – now I am not going to write a better script for the alien world what I am going to do however is work steadily on my Punk novels and comic books and yes film scripts. I have already learnt so much from creating my own comic book script – some which has shown me why certain tropes/cliches etc… appear in the first place.

Taken from my blog writing blog Red Monster.

Posted: Monday, April 15th, 2013 @ 3:10 pm
Categories: Novels, Scripts, The Punk, Writing.
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