Trying to Write that Novel

I started a trilogy back in October, initially for GothNoWriMo and then the second book in November. I really want to get it finished – not that it is anything I can send of to traditional publishers as I posted the raw writing as it was happening on various blogs. But I still want to get it finished and edited.

The other issue with it is that it is part of my Punk universe and I’m a bit vary of saying anything within that is finished until I’ve finished the whole lot.

The trilogy is not about the Punk but sort of about her brother and the guy who looked after them but not really. The main character is paleontologist turned cop.

The whole world of the punk is nagging at me, I have two different lots of graphic novels I want to write for it, I’ve written several short stories a miriade of flash fictions and a film script. There are currently 5-8 sort of but not really finished novels about the Punk and I have the over all story arch for the two series sorted.

I am disappearing off today to write some more for The Awakening the first of the Godex books – it is not a complete story as it stands. It is infact just all action and the story piece meal where I was just writing to get it all down on paper. I really want it finished though!

So I am spending this afternoon at Centre Arts in Cheltenham at the Arts Cafe where I will write and then tomorrow I am going to a one day writing retreat run by Writing Space in Stroud. The last one of these I went on I managed to get 10, 000 words written in one day so am hopeful.

I have spent my spare time since October began researching certain aspects of the story line and of the Punk’s World in general. This has ranged from cryptography, to human origins to Minoan civilization to sound waves and physiology.

Some things need to be altered and somethings I got right by fluke. Either way I am determined to get this novel finished. I actually think the world is well enough formed that I could risk releasing the trilogy as and when it is edited into shape. Don’t get too excited yet though – I have a lot to do – I am on re-write mode and there will be 2-5 of those followed by basic proof reading and then editing and that is before we get into the whole publishing side of things.

But I am to a certain extent trying to not to worry about this stuff and just concentrate on trying to write my novels. One of the things I’ve noticed in the last few years is that the more successful I have become the less time for writing I have had or rather novel writing.

I am trying to do a bit everyday of novel writing but it is hard especially when I have so much other writing that needs doing and dodgy hands and health. I struggled to put a mean 1K down on the laptop last night.

But having said that I am writing a hell of a lot at the moment – copy for websites, poems, Flash Fiction, short stories, not so short stories, craft instructions, cooking instructions, applications for festivals, submission letters, emails to organise stuff, editing already written stuff, essays on political, scientific and historical stuff and so on… not too mention my art and craft stuff and running workshops.

Novels are easy to put on one side but they are also the projects that take the longest time so that is detrimental. I’ve realised that for the last few years I have only written my novels during the Oct where I ramp up, Nov where I go mad for Novel Writing Month and then Dec where I trail off again.

I am determined to not do this anymore – I want to steadily work on the novels. Of course once they are written there is the editing aspect which is equally scary.

Posted: Saturday, February 9th, 2013 @ 1:15 pm
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