Neil Gaiman KeepMoving

On twitter Neil Gaiman with the help of BlackBerry has decided to do some crowd sourced art type thing. The idea being that he will write a set of short stories – one for each month. These stories are inspired by the responses he has gotten from twitter followers, to a series of questions he posted under the KeepMoving hash tag.

I love writing stimuli and exercises and prompts and so I stayed up late to take part in this challenge. I got as far as July and then it really was time for sleep here in the UK. The next morning I got up and completed the months. I would love for one of mine to be picked but if they are not then I will simple write my own set of stories form them.

Once he has written the stories he will be looking to do something similar with the artwork with the idea of turning the project into a calendar to sell for charity – of course I am going to try and enter something for that stage of it too 🙂

This is a wonderful creative way of using twitter too which I just love!

Posted: Wednesday, February 6th, 2013 @ 10:40 am
Categories: Twitter, Writing Prompts.
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