2013 the Year of Change

As a gurtitation monster I have been inspiring humans to write and get creative for five years now and it has been lovely even if I have been arguing with Blue Monster alot! But it is time for a change. I shall no longer be posting up writing prompts and exercises or anything like that (though Blue will so do not fret!).

It came to my attention last year that a human called Sarah Snell-Pym – the very human who helps us with the blogs was starting to flounder a bit with all her writing and though she has a home page and many lovely blogs she really needed somewhere to put all her writing aspirations and hopes and to-do lists.

I have decided to help her with this.

And that is what Red Monster will become – I shall truly be a Muse Monster hiding in the back ground but I am still here and there are stories about my adventures which will appear over on our friends The Wiggly Pets blog, in due time.

It has been nice talking to you all :)

And this is not goodbye.

I hope you enjoy Sarah’s ramblings.

Posted: Tuesday, January 1st, 2013 @ 10:56 am
Categories: Monster Blogs.
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